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Published Sources: Men’s Noirs


The table below should be compared with the one in another page, Published Sources: Women’s Noirs.

It shows the published sources, divided into five categories, of “men’s” film noirs, from 1940-1949. (Men’s film noirs based on original screenplays are not included in the table. Film noirs that were made twice from the same source are listed together.)

If the hardboiled paradigm were an accurate representation of film noir, then the published sources of men’s noirs should vastly exceed those of women’s noirs. But they do not.


Male Plays Male Stories Male Novels Hardboiled Stories Hardboiled Novels
All My Sons Crime Wave All the King’s Men The Bribe The Asphalt Jungle
The Big Knife The Crooked Way The Breaking Point The Brothers Rico The Big Clock
Convicted Dark City Crossfire Crack-Up The Big Heat
The Dark Past The Dark Corner The Glass Web Fall Guy The Big Night
The Desperate Hours  Gun Crazy He Ran All the Way Fear in the Night & Nighmare The Big Sleep 
Detective Story The Killer Is Loose Hollow Triumph The Guilty Blood on the Moon
I Walk Alone The Macomber Affair House of Strangers The Window Born to Kill
Key Largo The Naked Alibi Human Desire   The Brasher Doubloo
The Racket Night Editor Johnny Angel   The Burglar
Rope Pickup on South Street The Lady from Shanghai   The Chase
  Raw Deal The Lost Weekend   City Across the River
  Scene of the Crime The Man with My Face   Confidential Agent
    The Mob   Criss Cross
    The Raging Tide   A Cry in the Night
    Ruthless   Cry of the City
    Scandal Sheet   Cry Tough
    Storm Fear   Dark Passage
    Sweet Smell of Success    Double Indemnity
    Two of a Kind   Force of Evil 
    Where the Sidewalk Ends   The Gangster
    While the City Sleeps   The Glass Key 
    The Woman in the Window   Guilty Bystander
    The Wrong Man   The Harder They Fall
        High Sierra
        I, the Jury
        I Wake Up Screaming & Vicki
        I Wouldn’t Be in Your Shoes 
        Journey Into Fear
        The Killing
        Kiss Me Deadly
        Kiss of Death
        Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
        Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
        Knock on Any Door
        The Lady in the Lake
        The Lawless
        The Long Wait
        The Maltese Falcon
        Man Hunt
        The Mask of Dimitrios
        Ministry of Fear
        Murder, My Sweet
        Night and the City
        Nightmare Alley
        Nobody Lives Forever
        Odds Against Tomorrow
        Out of the Past
        People Against O’Hara
        The Postman Always Rings Twice
        Ride the Pink Horse
        Rogue Cop
        Screaming Mimi
        Shield for Murder
        Slightly Scarlet
        Slightly Scarlet
        They Drive by Night
        They Live by Night
        Thieves Highway

This Gun for Hire & Shortcut to Hell

        Touch of Evil
        Try and Get Me
        Union Station

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